30 Days Of Fall Activities

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 Autumn is just a few days away! If you’re anything like us, you’re more than ready to start with some fun fall activities. We love summer here in Myrtle Beach, but there is something about snuggling up in a cozy sweater, apple cider, and a great book. That’s why we decided to put together a list of 30 Fall Activities that you can print off and put on your refrigerator or keep it in your planner. This makes it easy and fun to mark off all the fun fall things that you do by yourself or with your friends or family. You will be sure to have an amazing fall season with all of these activity ideas.
1.     Go On A Bike Ride
Go out and enjoy the fresh air! Take a trip to a nature trail or your local park and ride around for a while and just enjoy the scenery.
2.     Visit An Apple Orchard
Apple season runs from September through the beginning of October. Here are some great places where you can take a weekend trip and pick some apples!
3.     Carve Pumpkins
Make a spooky jack—o-lantern or be artsy and carve something else. If it’s your first time or you have kiddos, try purchasing a pumpkin carving kit!
4.     Jump In A Pile Of Leaves
5.     Make Apple Cider
This is a great fall activity. Check out this link for a super tasty recipe.
6.     Watch A Spooky Movie
Whether you like super scary or family fun, you can find all sorts of spooky fun movies on Freeform’s Halloween movie marathon or Disney +, Hulu, & Netflix.
7.     Read Outdoors
8.     Create A Leaf Craft
Pinterest is the place to go to find all sorts of craft ideas. Give it a glance to find all sorts of fun ideas for fall crafting.
9.     Roast Marshmallows
Build yourself a small bonfire or buy a small roasting kit and get to work! For extra fun, buy graham crackers and chocolate bars and make s’mores.
10.  Make Soup
Soup is the quintessential fall food! Try a new recipe or break out an old favorite and whip up some soup to enjoy as the nights get cooler.
11.  Have A Picnic
Indoors or Outdoors, picnics are fun for the whole crew. Gather your favorite fall snacks and pack up the basket and enjoy your picnic.
12.  Volunteer
Whether it’s at a soup kitchen, your local church, or with another organization; give back this fall and help out those in need.
13.  Bake Cookies
Break out the chocolate chip or those delicious Pillsbury decorative picture cookies and enjoy a sweet treat.
14.  Go For A Walk
Much like with the bike ride, it’s time to get out of the house and take a stroll. Take a moment to appreciate all that your neighborhood or favorite park has to offer. Here in Myrtle Beach, you can even enjoy a fall walk on the beach.
15.  Make Trail Mix
Mix together your favorite ingredients and make your own trail mix to take with you on your walk, bike ride, or picnic!
16.  Watch The Sunset
Myrtle Beach has some gorgeous sunsets year-round! Make plans to sit outside one night and enjoy watching the sun sink below the horizon.
17.  Visit A Pumpkin Patch
Make an afternoon out of it! Most pumpkin patches also offer hay rides, corn mazes, and a petting zoo. Just make sure to dress appropriately and buy pumpkins of all shapes and sizes.
18.  Buy A Fall Scented Candle
Just one pumpkin spice or cinnamon scented candle can transform your whole home into a cozy, fall wonderland. Bath & Body Works has already released their fall line and other stores are not far behind.
19.  Roast Pumpkin Seeds
Don’t let those pumpkin innards go to waste after carving! Give them a quick rinse, toss with salt, and roast in the over for a delicious and healthy snack.
20.  Take A Fall Foliage Drive
The scenery this time of year can be gorgeous, especially in the country. Pack the car with family or friends and take a drive to look at all the gorgeous fall colors.
21.  Go On A Hay Ride
Like we mentioned, most pumpkin patches have hay rides included! Be sure to take part in this awesome fall tradition.
22.  Give Thanks
Whether it’s on Thanksgiving or throughout the autumn season, don’t forgt to stop & give thanks.
23.  Buy A Cozy Sweater
Now that it is starting ton cool off, an oversized, soft sweater is a comfort like no other. Try shopping at old favorites like Target, Old Navy, or try a new shopping location!
24.  Try A New Recipe
Pinterest is the place to go for some delicious fall recipes. Whether you're looking for sweet or savory, trying a new recipe can be fun and you could stumble on a new favorite! 
25.  Decorate Your Front Door
A harvest wreath or even some festive, fall window clings will do the trick. A festive front door is an easy way to decorate your home for fall.
26.  Have A Backyard Football Game
If you don’t have a backyard, enjoy a football game on TV!
27.  Host Family/Friend Game Night
Invite the family or some friends over for a board game night! Break out those treat you’ve made like the apple cider, cookies, or even the soup and enjoy the company.
28.  Go Backyard Camping
Like with the football game, if you don’t have a backyard, build a pillow fort inside and camp out like when you were younger. You’re never too old for a fun little camping excursion.
29.  Do A Random Act Of Kindness
Whether it’s while you’re volunteering or you offer to pay for the next person’s coffee in the drive-thru, you never know whose day you will make with one simple random act of kindness.
30.  Do A Jigsaw Puzzle
Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Target all have great jigsaw puzzle options! Break one out and work that beautiful brain!