8 Creative Ideas To Keep You Busy During COVID-19

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With most of us spending more time at home than ever before, it presents a rather unique dilemma: What do we do with the time we would normally be out and about? There have been the Instagram challenges and puzzles and TikTok dances to learn, but they can’t keep you busy all the time. Binge watching is fun and all, but what about when you’ve gone through your watchlist? From artistic endeavors like painting and pottery to food-and-drink-related pursuits like brewing and gardening, here are our favorite hobbies and craft ideas for adults during quarantine.
Why not come out of quarantine with a homemade blanket, scarf, and if you’re really invested, a sweater! On Wool & the Gang, you can download free patterns and tutorials to learn how to knit or crochet anything! Check out what they have to offer!

Maybe you’re the next Jackson Pollock…or maybe not. Either way, painting can stimulate your creative brain and pass time. Don’t forget to pick up some canvas if you decide to go the acrylic route it watercolor paper if that’s more your style.
Pro Tip: If you are trying to help local businesses, our Myrtle Beach AR Workshop is selling At-Home DIY kits. There are tons of designs and items available and they even have options for the kiddos.

For those who maybe are not as artistic, at-home brewing can be a rewarding way to spend these long days. Whether you’re a stout beer or hard seltzer person, there are kits available for whatever the heart desires!

Sewing machines can be intimidating, but with all the extra time on your hands to practice, you’ll be creating custom clothing in no time! To get stared, learn how to sew a cloth face mask to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

A pretty candle is the focal point of every Insta-worthy self-care setup. So how about making one (or several) of your own? You can concoct custom scents and add dried flowers or coloring to make them unique.

One way to reduce your need for grocery store visits: develop your own green thumb! You can grow veggies, herbs, and flowers indoors (or outdoors if you have the space) with just a few supplies.

Repurpose Old Furniture
Reuisng and recycling old household items hold many benefits. Making use of old things to make creative, new things brings out the artist in you. Look at some of these hacks to get the motivation you need to release your inner DIY-Expert!