Back-To-School Lunch Ideas

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It’s Back To School Time & that means back to packing lunches, but those lunches may look a bit different. When students go back to class in person, Many will eat at their desks instead of crowded cafeterias. Even for virtual/at-home learning, you may need to plan ahead for lunch. Promoting a healthy and balanced lunch is still just as important as before, so here are some ideas for packing your student’s lunch whether virtual or in-person!
Lunch Time Kabobs:
Sliding all of the main food groups onto a stick not only makes lunch time more fun, but it can help keep it healthy. Add lunchmeat, veggies, fruits, cheese cubes, etc to the kabaob for a fun lunchtime treat! Try using lollipop sticks from the craft store instead of skewers for a safe kabab.
Individually Wrapped Foods:
Many brands now offer individually wrapped goodies that help keep fingers out of food. Applesauce, peanut and almond butter, packs of nuts, granola bars, or even soup and pasta salad in a thermos are great examples of foods that kids can just spoon or pop into their mouths with little to no touching!
Make It Colorful:
Kids love color, so why not include lots of color in their lunches. Including fun colors such as blueberries, red peppers and hummus, or bright orange carrots are a great way to make sure kids get their vegetables and fruits while also making lunch something fun and inviting.
Have Them Help Meal Prep:
If you are making something the night before, let the kids help. Being involved in the process not only helps them learn a little about cooking, but knowing that they got to help make the homemade bagel bites or BBQ Chicken Quesadilla brings them all the more satisfaction when they can share with the class that they helped cook.
Add In A Favorite Character/Animal:
Let’s face it, kids have been immersed in media this summer with many activities and daycares being closed. Make lunch time a little more enjoyable by featuring a favorite character or animal. Rice cakes, pepperonis and cheese slices can make for an awesome Captain America shield & a half bagel with some (shhh) veggie cream cheese, raisins, and pretzel sticks make cute kitten faces!
Include A Covered Water Bottles:
Make sure any water bottles your kiddos take back have a lid that can be sealed back tightly or a cap that covers the spout to protect from any airborne germs and help keep those little fingers off of the spout they drink out of.
No matter how you make lunches for your kids as they return to school, make sure they know you are there for them and are willing to help however possible in this time of transitioning. Having fun with lunches can help brighten their day and put a smile on their face, even while wearing a mask!