Selling Your Home This Spring: 15 Easy Steps

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            During the months of April, May, and June is when the largest number of buyers are actively searching for new homes; regardless if it is a hot, cold, or neutral market! If your home has been sitting on the market since the holidays, get it off now. Give it a little Cool Down period for a few weeks before putting it back on the market for the spring crowd. If your home has been on the market for months, no one will want to look at it this spring. Number of Days on the Market matters to buyers because they gravitate to FRESH & NEW listings. Below, there are 15 additional tips that will help your home stand out on the market this spring!
1: Wash Windows & Polish Mirrors
            Sparkle sells home. Period. Potential buyers may not realize why they are drawn to the home, but the clean windows and mirrors will reflect sunlight and make the home feel even more bright and airy!

2: Rake the Yard & Trim the Bushes
            Dead leaves and debris are not attractive. Don’t let all that overgrown vegetation detract from the beautiful outside appeal of the home either. Cutting the bushes and raking the lawn will showcase the exterior of the home and give it an even more polished, luxurious look.

3: Mow the Lawn Diagonally (Yes, you read that right)
            Artfully-manicured lawns are given an edge and let buyers know that you pay attention to the small details. The diagonal cut also makes the yard appear larger (fun fact)!

4: Add A Floral Touch
            Think of the color yellow. It brings feelings of brightness and happiness. Well, the same applies to a home. Yellow flowers stimulate buying urges. People are anxious to see the first signs of spring after trudging through a long winter & yellow flowers out front can bring happiness and contentment to a home buyer. Arrange the containers in groups of 3 or 5 near the entrance, and watch as the smiles form on interested buyer faces.

5: Clean Drapes, Curtains & Blinds. Also, Open a Window!
            Have those drapes and curtains cleaned! Take down the blinds and give them a nice soapy bath. Doing this can help get rid of all accumulated dust and spider webs (great for Halloween, but not Spring). The open window will give a clean, fresh breeze and the newly washed linens will send an amazing smell wafting through the home.

6: Set Out Fresh Flowers
            Lilacs & Peonies really bring life to a home. Natural scents are way more appealing than artificial air fresheners. Just remember to wash the flowers carefully to avoid bringing any 6-legged friends into the home. Pro Tip: flatter the neighbors and ask if you can borrow their flowers. It can help make further connections and make a good impression.  

7: Polish Floors
            Hardwood flooring should be refinished, if necessary. Make those ceramic and tile floors sparkle and shine and bleach dull grout as well.  

8: Utilize Towels, Throws, and Pillows
            Yes, this may mean replacing what is already there. However these items are inexpensive and adding a touch of spring pastel will make the home feel more peaceful and relaxed.

9: Offer an Outdoor Mat & Umbrella Stand
            Here in the Grand Strand, one day it can be Sunny & 75 and the next it will be pouring rain! If raining, give your clients a place to stash umbrellas and wipe their feet at the front door. Don’t place plastic runners down because that can ruin a good polish job on the flooring.

10: Buy Brightly-Colored Helium Balloons
            Party Supply Stores sell them for about a dollar a piece. Stop by and pick up a dozen to tie to Open House signs. Balloons build excitement and will be noticed by home shoppers.

11: Put Out Colored Flyers & Financing Options
            Don’t skimp on the marketing materials. You want buyers to pick your flyer among dozens of others, and color gets noticed way more than black & white. Also, show buyers that they can afford to buy your home by offering 2 or 3 financing options. The first thing on a buyers’ mind is the monthly mortgage payment; don’t make them guess. Pro Tip: Work with our Motto Mortgage expert, Donna Millen, she has tons of affordable plans for eager home buyers.

12:  Use A Color Photo For Display Ads
            Spend those extra pennies on newspaper and online ads. A picture is worth a thousand words and a colored photo of your home can speak a million! Look through your options and choose one that gives your home the added spring touch!

13: Mail Colored Postcards
            We have the information of home owners in surrounding areas; use it to your advantage! Print oversized postcards in color and top it off with first-class postage. For an added bonus, try adding a UV coating to your postcards. It never hurts to stand out.

14: Fill A Sink With Ice To Chill Bottled Water For Guests
            Put about a dozen bottled waters in an ice-filled sink for visiting buyers. You can even tape logos and contact information to the bottles.

15: Put Out Treats
            Making individually wrapped goody bags is the perfect way to provide a quick snack to home buyers. It also gives them an opportunity to linger in the kitchen and marvel at the elegant backsplash or other touches that could have been overlooked. Pro Tip: Make small tags on design sites like Canva that are themed for spring or Easter. The added touch of creativity will catch eyes and show that you go the extra mile.